Wood, the soul of the Thorpedo rifle

One of the main features are the elegant veins of the zebrano wood that run the rifle, especially in the grip, making it a plastic object that is highly appreciable to the eye.

These veins, naturally different from trunk to trunk, make each rifle a unique piece, never identical to the previous one: each new product is a discovery thanks to these materials, only of quality, which compose it. Everything is glued with specific resins for marine gluing, extremely resistant, and finished with extreme care with many coats of matte varnish, to make the surface texture perfectly homogeneous and long-lasting.

The barrel of each rifle is composed of seven strips glued with the best epoxy resins on the market, specific for marine gluing. The wood essences used are usually three


The external strips of the stem, with a characteristic light color with dark and marked veins, are in zebrano. Zebrano is a very hard material, composed of a resistant and stringy fiber that guarantees good impact resistance and excellent structural rigidity.


Proceeding towards the inside of the barrel, the second strip that is found is the okumè: a very light material, but at the same time resistant to water, thanks to which it is possible to perfectly balance our rifles.


Moving forward one position we find the third wooden essence, mahogany, which composes a structurally very strong listel. The center of the stem is instead characterized by a wenge strip: very hard and very rigid wood with a characteristic black color.

As for the handle, completely modeled in zebrano wood, the sinuous structure blends perfectly with the wooden hilt, giving a very elegant look to the entire rifle.

The palm rest and the saddle very high in relation to the axis of the shaft guarantee very intuitive throws, even in the face. Thanks to the aforementioned support, designed in order to download the recoil on the muscle of the hand and partly cushion it, it is possible to make more precise and targeted shots.

The finish

The finish is carried out with 7 coats of matte varnish in order to obtain a totally homogeneous and resistant surface over time, the handle is also finished with a rough texture in order to give maximum grip to the grip.