Our brand

Making spearguns in an artisanal way, aesthetically appreciable, modern but above all extremely functional and powerful: this is what characterizes us.

Thorpedo Spearguns is a totally Hand Made brand , of high quality both in raw materials and components, able to create unique and constantly improved and tested products.

Born from   passion   and from   innovative ideas   di Pellegrini Lorenzo, the owner of the company now known in the sector for the high quality and performance of its products. The idea of creating a new line of spearguns has developed spontaneously, coming to combine his passion for the sea with many years of experience in the world of nautical carpentry: the study of the best wooden essences and their combinations, the design characteristic created and improved over the years and the constant dedication in the realization are the bases that have contributed in the creation of the line of Thorpedo rifles. Characterized by an aesthetic that in simplicity encloses its beauty and a unique design, they maintain as their main characteristic their exceptional shooting power and precision, studied in each individual rifle and constantly improved over time, so as to guarantee maximum performance in water.

Unique rifles of their kind, in every detail:   the perfect companions for the angler who requires the most from his tool , managing to satisfy the needs of even the most experienced freedivers.