SigalSub Reactive Evo elastic

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Amber or black rubbers made by one of the main US manufacturing companies.

Unlike most other covered elastic bands this has a very fine coextrusion (1 / 10 of a millimeter) so as to exploit the greatest possible amount of pure internal rubber. Dark color, camouflage.

The Reactive is sold in the classic diameters 16, 17.5 and in addition also in the 14.5mm version already used in other countries for the production of multi-rubber rifles.

The the result is a product capable of imparting a high thrust to the arrow. It is also characterized by a low pressure drop. The torque values ​​of 17.5 with 350% elongation load are around 45-50kg, the loss after a 30-minute traction varies between 1 and 2%.

Given the high return energy of this elastic you can get the best performance by using elongation factors less exasperated than usual obtaining a powerful shot but with a greater ease in loading, to the benefit of less fatigue during fishing.

< strong> The elastic is sold by the centimeter, this means that the quantity inserted in the cart corresponds to the number of centimeters you want to buy.

Ex: inserting 100 in the quantity you will buy 1 meter of elastic in a single cut).